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Dear Customer,

Csepel machine tools have ever been considered as the leading edge in reliability, robustness and longevity. This is true even today, when we give support and maintenance for hundreds of machines, lot of them are in the age of  30+ years. These machines are still the strong points of manufacturing lines and remain for the next decades,too. Companies like Siemens, Alstom, Voest-Alpine, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Kuka, etc. are counting on our machines and keep them in production. We all know why.

If you are lucky enough to own or operate a Csepel machine at your factory surely want to keep your machine's good working condition, make it serviced to the highest possible level or renewed to full ex-factory (as brand new) specification (or even better, as we did many times...).
We support your needs in spare parts, documentation, skilled servicing staff, and may you need a second hand renewed machine...we deliver it!

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Gábor Nagy CEO. Dipl.Eng.
KW-Csepel Mchineservices Ltd.